Title: Maggie T's Nomad

Maggie Tabberer, Sydney TV personality and advocate of the woman's viewpoint in car design, was offered the opportunity to apply her talents to a new Nomad in 1969.

While interviewing BMC's public relations manager, Evan Green, after the London-Sydney Marathon, the subject inevitably turned to the lack of female input in car design and Maggie Tabberer issued a challenge to produce a car designed for women.

Unexpectedly Evan immediately invited her to design one - or at least give the finishing touches to one of BMC's existing models. An automatic Nomad was chosen because of "its station wagon concept, small car feel with big car interior space and sporty feel".

Maggie was taken on a full tour of the factory's production line and much effort was undertaken to source pure white vinyl for the upholstery - likewise pure white carpet.

In keeping with Maggie's interior decorating style, almost all of the interior was either covered in white vinyl or painted white with just a few non-white items for contrast.

  • Special lime green paint was chosen several years before it became a standard Leyland colour in 1973.
  • Nearly everything inside that could be painted or trimmed in white received the treatment leaving just a few black items for contrast.
  • White vinyl was not generally available but Nylex did a special run of white just for this car.
  • White carpet was also specially made from undyed nylon bonded with white laytex.
  • Deep pile carpets extended right up into the luggage area.
  • To Accessorise, colourful stretch−on seat covers were made from swim-suit material.